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Mobile Apps are Indispensable to Modern Businesses

Mobile Apps are Indispensable to Modern Businesses

The profusion of mobile gadgets has transformed how consumers want to interact with businesses. The convenience of accessing information, products and services from mobile apps is defining the business success for consumer-centric organizations. Adapting and leveraging mobile applications as an extension to core business services promises new opportunities to engage millions of customers and building brand strength.

Proven Success Stories

The world-famous U.S. coffee maker Starbucks has experienced unprecedented business growth since its mobile app launched in 2011. The company generated over $1 billion in mobile payment revenue last year – that’s 4 percent of the entire U.S. mobile payments volume in 2013!

Starbucks customers are so fond of using the app that every tenth purchase in the coffee shop is made via smartphones, over three million times per week.

Chipotle, another global food chain offers similar mobile payment services to speed up its services. Mobile payments services have enabled the company to process six additional transactions per hour during peak hours.

Starbucks is already using a similar app service that allows users to order before they even arrive at the coffeehouse. Perks like these have a viral effect on sales, but hitting the sweet spot with mobile app marketing requires businesses to mold their mobile services in response to changing market trends and app usage patterns. For this reason, Chipotle plans to invest further $10 million to improve their app service.

Indispensable in Nature

Mobile apps are essential to serving a growing customer-base that’s increasingly over-reliant on smartphones. Research firm Gartner predicts mobile apps will generate revenues of more than $77 billion by the year 2017.

Smartphone apps have emerged as the ‘glue’ binding physical products and services in-store to the digital world. Proliferation of the cyber-era fueled by mobile technologies is shaping consumer habits across all industry verticals. This phenomenon in turn is driving appropriate business strategies designed around smartphone usage. And these usage trends suggest apps are by far the most preferred choice for the well-connected customer-base to access Web-based mobile services.

Apps enable users to get to your products and services with fewer clicks and save transactional data and relevant information required for future purchases. And once customers download and use apps specific to your business, they will likely use the same app again in the future instead of seeking services from your competitors.

A Cautious Mobile-First Approach

However, users aren’t clamoring to add more apps to their already-cluttered smartphone home screens. On top of that, business competition has already taken center-stage in the app market segment. Organizations need to push an omnichannel mobile strategy with their app investments in linking multiple Web-based marketing channels through their mobile services.

Venturing into the mobile marketing segment with an omnichannel approach and using mobile app services is essential to delivering a unified customer experience. This mobile strategy promises high brand strength and loyalty while reducing brand confusion.

And for developing apps intended to enhance business success, hiring third party vendors is a viable strategy as the frame of mind required for traditional IT services is starkly different than the mindset required to develop viral app services.

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