Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development


With the advent of, and the subsequent growing popularity of the smart phone, information and entertainment on the go is fast becoming not only popular, but integral in expanding your business, market share and ultimately, profits.

To keep abreast of the competition, mobile apps development is critical. Statistics show that:

1)  87% of Singaporean smartphone owners have researched a product or service form their smartphones

2) 57% of those who have searched for a product or service went on to purchase related products from their desktop computers

3) Across Asia, similar trends are occurring with 94% of Thai smartphone owners, 91% of Malaysian smartphones owners and 88% of Filipino smartphone owners having searched for products and services with their mobile devices

Benefits of Mobile App Development for Singapore Businesses

A mobile app is an accessible platform that allows your business to connect, as well as share information with customers even when they are on the go. This increases your company’s visibility, increasing the reach of your promotions, product lists, services and contact details.

Customers are also able to get directions to your location quickly and easily as well as stay up to date on any special events or upcoming product launches.

Some of the biggest benefits of mobile apps development for your company include:

1) A platform to raise your brand awareness among customers

2) The ability to increase your brand visibility among larger target audience

3) Increased accessibility to customers on the go

4) Higher sell-through rate

5) The ability to connect and interact with customers while on the move

6) Build brand loyalty among your customers

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