IT Security Services

IT Security Services in Singapore

Whether you are a multi-national corporation or a local small/medium sized enterprise, your cyber security is an integral concern for your continued success as a company.

A porous security system is a critical problem as it exposes crucial and/or sensitive data to malicious hackers and cyber-attacks. It is important to not only balance tight client deadlines with complex business logic, but to also devote sufficient time and effort into maintaining a high quality security system as well as resolving any security susceptibilities when they are located.

IT Security for your Website

The security of your company’s website is also an integral concern when developing a successful business in today’s cyber age. Not only is it your company’s digital face to the rest of the world, your website also contains a substantial amount of private, sensitive information that neither the public nor your competitors should be privy to.
As we shift towards e-commerce, tight IT security is also necessary to protect the sensitive nature of the multitude of digital transactions that take place daily as well as the large amounts of currency that pass through your hands, whether from clients, or to vendors and other merchants.

At Balanced Consultancy, we understand and emphasise the importance of secure cyber protection, which is why we offer Web Application Penetration Testing for Singapore enterprises.

Web Application Penetration Testing or Web Pentests are a form of vulnerability assessment. Singapore enterprises can thus stay informed on any security vulnerabilities our Web Pentests expose as well as take the necessary measures to ensure their data remains protected.

Why Balanced Consultancy?

We employ a team of highly qualified and experienced experts to serve as our IT Security Consultants dedicated to providing you the highest quality IT security audit services in Singapore.

We offer services that include but are not limited to:

1) Web Application Penetration Testing (Web Pentest) for enterprises looking to protect  the security of their website

2) Vulnerability Assessment to gauge the effectiveness of digital security systems responsible for the protection of sensitive data

3) IT Security Audits for companies looking to keep their security measures up to date

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IT Security Services in Singapore