About Us


Welcome to Balanced Consultancy!


We are a team of regional technology consultants specialising in a comprehensive array of IT development solutions such as Mobile Apps, Customised Business Solutions (e.g. CRM, ERP, etc.), IT security services, Facebook Apps and Website Development. We are your ideal one-stop solution for all your digital business needs.

Since our establishment in 2010, we have helped our clients define, strategise and build value in today’s technology driven environment. Our satisfied clients range from top Multi-National Corporations, Local Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as various Government Agencies.

With our deep industry knowledge and engagements with varied clients, we have pioneered innovative methodologies that deliver exceptional value to all our customers. Our expertise covers a breadth of business verticals and industries spanning from retail, food & beverage, spa & wellness, hospitality, education, health, finance and many more. We have established a strong business presence in the region – Singapore and Hong Kong; bringing with us local knowledge and regional outreach.

When someone asked what our secret to success is, we would tell them that it is our genuine interest for all our clients’ businesses to succeed through providing our IT consulting expertise. But that’s only a part of the story. What differentiates Balanced Consultancy apart from other competitors is our belief in the importance of human touch and connection, our people and our values. It is these intangible assets that cannot be financially measured that truly set us above all other IT consulting companies. This is why we go all out in offering a personalised customer service experience in everything that we do, and that is the experience Balanced Consultancy wants you to be a part of.

Founded on the premise of doing good, this is why Balanced donates 10% of all our resources to charities and non-profit organizations via 3 different avenues – equity, software and time.

Our 10% CSR Model



We are 100% committed to adhere to our values: Integrity First, Customer Service, Excellence in All We Do


To be the first name that comes to people’s mind when they mention software and application development.


To deliver innovative software and applications in a manner where our customers rave about us, our beneficiaries love us and our employees feel proud of us.